Feminist Collective Milk and Night Raises Money for Miami Art Basel

Join Bluestockings Mag in the support and celebration of the feminist art collective, Milk and Night. This novel community of artists and thinkers refuses to let the efforts of past feminist art movements and communities, like Guerrilla Girls and A.I.R. Gallery, fall by the wayside. By offering a unique marriage of old-school feminist intellectuals and new voices, Milk and Night explores the role of feminism in the art world and provides a platform for exhibitions, events, performance, and discussion panels that challenge the gender discrepancies which still exist within the industry.

Photo by Marie Tomanova featured in the Observer
Photo by Marie Tomanova featured in Observer

As Milk and Night mentions, 65-80% of MFA arts programs students identify as women, and yet 70% of artists who are chosen for gallery representation in the U.S. are men. “Despite the art world’s reputation for progressivism, it is an epicenter of gender inequality.” As a means to both explore the current dialogue on feminism and to overcome the gender gap, Milk and Night debuted as a group exhibition at the Gallery Sensei in September 2014 and has since established an on-going residency in the gallery.

The conversation needs to keep happening. We must continue to fight and raise awareness about this injustice. With that being said, we are very pleased to announce that Milk and Night have the chance to do just that! They have been offered a booth at Miami Art Basel’s Select Fair—the only booth dedicated to feminist art.

They’re almost there but they need your help! Take time to look at their IndieGogo page and support the efforts of this bad ass collective.


Check out more from Milk and Night and show some love on their Facebook and Twitter too!

Good luck to our fellow feminist sisters! We hope to see you at Art Basel.

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