Introducing Bluestockings Mixtapes: #SADLENADUNHAM

Bluestockings believes it is crucial to challenge hegemony by engaging with culture in subversive ways. We also believe that listening (and maybe dancing) to dope music is an important aspect of self-care, particularly necessary in these last few exhausting and disheartening weeks.

While the controversy surrounding Lena Dunham’s molestation allegations is certainly serious, this first mixtape seeks to poke fun at the problematic nature of white feminism that allows white women like Lena to avoid tough questions. Human pain is never funny, but it’s possible to find humor in #whitegirlproblems because sometimes laughter is the only tool of resistance we have.

Thus, #SADLENADUNHAM is a mixtape of what we imagine Lena to listen to when #bummed about the plight of white feminism, aka: #bummed white girl singers across time and space. We may not always agree with Lena, but dang does she probably have great music taste.


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