Weekend Links, Vol. 54: #BlackLivesMatter

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like

The story of #BlackLivesMatter, the work of queer black women, and why it isn’t #AllLivesMatter.

Ways that police departments could root out problem cops—if they chose to do so.

President Obama responds predictably to a group of young Black leaders.

An analysis of killer cops’ behavior immediately after the murders of Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner.

Donate to support Eric Garner’s family.

The reaction to injustice against Black people is painfully predictable.

Why progressives ignore police brutality against Black people.

Student activism is on the rise.

The role of radical science fiction in imagining a better world.

The American justice system is doing exactly what it was designed for.

A list of police reforms you should always oppose.

Chris Rock on racism in Hollywood.

Feminist Blog Roll

BlackPoetsSpeakOut, a Tumblr featuring readings by Black poet activists.

Videos we like

Esaw Garner.

Protests in New York.

 Internet Images FTW

Protestors shut down Manhattan.


Featured image credits to NY Magazine.

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