body, a

body a thing

I have so many little things

and I lose them everywhere.

Little black lines around my fingers

– bobby pins

– bobby pins

holding open my eyes

– inky slits

– hyperlinks

but then they are gone

I can’t help it.

They lecture me in public

about femininity,


the voices of these

little things.

I want to yell back

I don’t believe in wanting you,

you make me think ill of



too much about

you –

about what you think

of me –

of me as distinctly here

in this body

– a thing.

I have so many little

things but

I can’t

they don’t let me


– myself

lose this one anywhere.




Featured image credit: Maru Pabón

Maru Pabón

Maru can’t tell you whether she dreams in Spanish or in English. However, when she’s awake she can talk about the politics of bilingualism until she falls asleep again. Born and raised within the Puerto Rican cult of Fried Plantain, four years ago she made the move to Brown University, where she currently studies Comparative Literature. Like her dreams, Maru’s conception of feminism is multilingual, meaning intersectional and pluralistic. She is interested in the literatures of marginalized groups in Latin America and the Caribbean, in digital writing and art, and in finding different ways to eat more plantain. She tweets at @mepbon.

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