RE: She (A zine response)

Dear reader/viewer/friend,

“Her” image is entirely the eye of the beholder. This zine is in RE: sponse to the Bell Gallery’s exhibition SHE: Picturing women at the turn of the 21st century—a collection of high-profile art displayed together under the sole premise that they all offer depictions of women in contemporary visual art. Explicitly, and unapologetically, without narrative argument but with clear authority, the gallery reveals no unified stance. The content of each piece stands alone, reverberating echoes into empty gallery space, basically begging for us to hollaback…

When opened our call for submissions, we did not expect to receive so many visual responses. But it does make sense. The urge, the drive to represent the female form struck student artists at Brown and RISD, adding to the representation bank and challenging the authority of the art world with beautiful, hilarious, and thoughtful pieces.

We welcome these RE:sponses, and encourage you to engage with the representations on these walls, in these pages, in your heads.

Chanelle Adams, Bluestockings

Maru Pabón, Bluestockings

Reya Sehgal, Bell Gallery

*Special thanks to the David Winton Bell Gallery for being a wonderful Co-Sponsor and Co-Producer of this zine, and for hosting us in the gallery for the release party*
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