Download A Vaginaful Coloring Book of Vulvas!


This coloring book was motivated by the common misconceptions around the anatomy of vulva-wielders.

As a society, we seem to know so much about the penis and how it functions while completely neglecting the vagina and its companions. Furthermore, what we do know about it tends to be based on pornography and the fiction of one “ideal” type of vulva.

This coloring book aims to demystify this anatomy while also providing fun to its reader, or in this case, new vulvatastic artist! I put forward colorable images of many types of vulvas, with their differing labial and clitoral sizes, colors, piercings, amounts of pubic hair, and the like.

~Please enjoy~

The Vaginatastic Coloring Book of Vulvas

Download the full pdf at this link: Vulva Coloring Book (Online)

Download the booklet-ready pdf at this link: Vulva Coloring Book (Booklet)

Note: In order to print the booklet, you need to change your printer settings to print double-sided and to “flip on the short edge,” so that pages don’t appear upside-down.

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