AstroPHE Astrology for March ’15


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Aquarius (January 21st – February 18th)
Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)
Aries (March 21st – April 19th)
Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)
Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)
Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)
Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)
Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)
Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)
Libra (October 23rd – November 22nd)
Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 22nd)
Capricorn (December 23rd – January 20th)


January 21st – February 18th


With the sun still in Pisces until the 20th March will be your month of financial gain with the potential for a romantic merging, and both have been much deserved. The full moon on the 5th will be in Virgo, your house of shared wealth. The strong emotions hidden beneath your surface need to be released and the energy from the moon’s light encourages it. Speak your mind and know your worth!

Be mindful, Aquarius, as Pluto and Uranus form the last of seven squares which have been going on since 2012. Between the 11th and the 28th there will be some tension between your subconscious (Pluto) and your intellect (Uranus). Perhaps you are struggling with what direction to take in life with regards to what makes you feel you. Trust your intuition and do what feels right, try not to focus on what is being lost; it is time to let some things go.

Saturn will retrograde from the 14th all the way until August 1st in your house of friendship and mutual affairs. It is now time to reevaluate those friendships you’ve been questioning for some time now. If you’re not vibing with someone or if people seem to have ridiculous expectations of you, take the time to think critically as to whether the relationship can be fixed or should be dismissed.

A supermoon and solar eclipse at the end of the month could scream large monetary winnings for you, Aquarius. Actually they were hardly won, you’ve been working hard for a long time and are overdue for a reward. That excitement will close out Pisces and bring us into Aires on the 20th, heating up all areas of communication in your life. You will be busy with other people, socially or professionally. Embrace the distraction, especially if you have residual emotional chaos brewing beneath the surface.


February 19th – March 20th


The sun’s rays are shining brightly on you, Pisces, so use the spotlight to speak up and send your ideas out into the world! Your needs come first and this assertive energy may confuse some people who are used to your more peaceful demeanor. Don’t worry; the full moon in Virgo on the 5th will help ease any cracks that may be forming in a one-on-one relationship.

The Pluto and Uranus square will be a shadowy player behind the scenes for most of the month, affecting your interpersonal relationships. You are trying to decide between social obligations and financial “needs” with regards to work. Don’t let anyone else determine what is worthwhile or how much you are worth. Be aware of the risks a more creative or independent life path may bring, but don’t pretend to be someone who you are not just to get rich. Watch out for the 11th/12th when Mars comes into play; stay focused and remember the only way out of sticky situation is on to the next day.

There is a power struggle going on during the Mars-Uranus connection, the first of two this year. Whether the intensity between you and this person is coming from your own strong emotions or their abuse of those emotions, you should first take the time to reflect on how you’ve treated yourself throughout this conflict. How complacent were you in handing over your throne? This is the last of the Pluto-Uranus squares, so at the end of the month be proud that you made it through!

The supermoon and solar eclipse at the end of the month will be the first of six of these connections, lasting until February 2017. This will mark a drastic change in your identity; don’t be alarmed if you feel as if you are a completely different person. Your life path will curve in a direction you never saw it going in. As the sun shifts into Aires you will start craving more stability in your life. Take a few things off your plate and get straight to work, but don’t forget to keep dreaming big at every spare moment.


March 21st – April 19th


Feeling a little low, Aires? With the sun in Pisces, you have been feeling an unusual sense of calm. People may be noticing your lack of engagement and some who expect you to be a sympathetic voice are not getting what they were looking for. Focus on yourself and the emotional baggage you’ve been lugging behind you. Motivational Mars will counter this desire for rest and push you forward. Life is all about balance; stay up late one night working hard and take off early the next day to enjoy the sunlight. March 5th is the perfect day to reorganize any work that has been piling up. Taking the time to relax is one thing, but to procrastinate is a whole other monster.

The Uranus-Pluto square will have a strong effect on your relationship with authority. You are your own agent; you are the only one with power over yourself. Stay true to yourself and remember that you are only beneath someone else if you allow yourself to be placed there. You want to be secure in your life while at the same time leave your own mark on the world. The past three years have been spent figuring out exactly how you can do just that and now you may have finally come to a conclusion.

Saturn’s retrograde may slow your roll for a few months until August 1st, but don’t let this discourage you. Your plan may be full proof but it is not indestructible. Take the time to go over the logistics and the people you have on your team. The supermoon and solar eclipse on the 20th will enlighten a new beginning from a much-needed ending. This day will also be a day to pamper yourself; self-care should never be last on your list of priorities. If you need a little slack from someone else, don’t be afraid to ask.

Immediately after the eclipse the sun moves into your sign, Aires, and suddenly everything becomes about you. You are the one holding the reigns, decide which projects are still worthy of your time and attention and drop anything that isn’t suiting you.


April 20th – May 20th


Now is the time to connect, Taurus! Tap into those unused contacts and start networking, you will be surprised by the kind of feedback you’ll receive! The full moon on the 5th will emphasize this boost in energy so if you have some crazy idea on this day be sure to follow through with it.

Be wary, however, for the 11th until the 28th when Pluto and Uranus form the last of seven squares. If you have felt emotionally drained over the past three years then this is why. You may have been coping with some not-so-healthy vices, be careful these haven’t turned into addictions. If you’ve been holding onto something now is the time to stop allowing it to hold you back. If you feel as if you don’t deserve happiness then it is time to get rid of that as well. You are a go-getter, Taurus, the past is something you should learn from rather than live in. There is only so much that you can control; the rest must be left up to fate.

Saturn’s retrograde starting on the 14th will be a deep time of reflection; it is time to sort out your most intimate connections with respect to finances, emotions, and sexual needs. If there is anything you should learn during this time it is to think before you leap. These are intimate relations and you should treat them as such.

The supermoon and solar eclipse will bring about radical changes in your social sphere. Whether you see some slight changes in who you’re chilling with or if you find an entirely new crew all together, now is the time to be true to who you are and keep those around you who can accept it. You know what matters and what doesn’t, what can be brushed to the side and what should be a cause for discussion. The transition of the sun into Aires will be a time for emotional checking-in and self-care. Ask yourself, “How am I doing today?” and give yourself an honest answer. Take time to yourself before your birthday comes along, sooner than you think.


May 21st – June 20th


Prepare yourself for an intense month of change and expansion, Gemini, make sure you are on your toes. The sun in Pisces is in your house of career and ambition, be prepared to move forward but make sure you have a plan in action, even if that plan isn’t what you originally thought it would be. The 3rd will be a great day for communication with respect to furthering your career with a harmonious trine between Jupiter and Uranus. The full moon on the 5th will also be a bright day for communicating, but this time at home, with your family or loved ones. Everyone needs a day of rest.

Mars and Pluto will be working in your favor mid-month to light a fire beneath an idea or venture that has been static for too long. You could have a breakthrough with a group of people on this endeavor but be careful because these two planets will also form a square with Pluto, stirring some self-righteous energy into the mix. Remember that you are a team player and this struggle between being an individual and relying on others will finally come to a conclusion.

The past will come back during Saturn’s retrograde starting on the 14th and will contrast your working attitude and stir up some old, professional partnerships that you may have thought were long gone. At the end of this backwards movement on August 1st, the relationships that remain intact will be stronger than they ever were before and that is something to look forward to.

The Pisces supermoon and solar eclipse will shed new light on your work/personal life, something that has needed to be balanced a little better. Tap into your subconscious vision and play around with different life paths in your head. If anything seems inspiring don’t be afraid to give it a try! This refreshing air carries into Aires on the 20th, now it is really time to put your feet up and enjoy a casual conversation between friends.


June 21st – July 22nd


Embrace the light and airy feel to the month and splurge on travel or other ways to expand your horizon. The full moon on the 5th is the perfect day a new idea or thought will be revealed to you, so make sure your ears are wide open to all channels of communication.

Between the 11th and the 12th Pluto and Uranus will form a controversial square which may put a rut in the grand plans you established during the beginning of the month. You have felt as if your professional and personal lives have not been matching up exactly how you’d want them to. You tend to burn one down when you feel as if it is not matching up with the other and are keen at seeing the signs of oncoming destruction or resurrection. You are not anyone’s mother; don’t take on the controlling, emotional role just to be in command of a situation. Instead, listen to their needs and wants and think about the potential for compatibility.

It may be difficult to find any sense of harmony between the 11th and 12th as Uranus and Mars form a square with Pluto, the last of seven squares that have occurred since 2012. There may be some extreme tension with authority figures, particularly males, but don’t fall into your temper right away. If you focus on your wants, where you want your life to go for example, you may be able to break out of this trying relationship without completely breaking it.

You may have felt as if your healthy eating and exercise habits could use an overhaul and now is the perfect time. Starting on the 20th, Saturn is retrograde until August 1st in your house of health and organization. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, profession or simply asking a friend to be a gym buddy. The month will come full circle with the supermoon and solar eclipse, also on the 20th. Get out and see the world, as much of it as you can. You can be a tourist anywhere that isn’t your household, explore! You will also reflect on the way in which others perceive you, but it won’t last long. The sun transitions into grounding Aires and will cause you to focus on the logistics once again; remember, you do not need to decide your career right this second and there is nothing wrong with changing your path to fit changes in yourself.


July 23rd – August 22nd


Mighty lion, the starts of March are on your side. Jupiter, the bringer of good fortune cruises into your sign this month. The fortune planet will radiate energy to Venus (the house of passion and romance), Mars (the house of action), Uranus (the house of surprise), Aries (the house of adventure) and Saturn (the house of stability). Whew, yeah. Really what more could you ask for? With Jupiter in your back pocket and the other planet shining bright onto your chart, the only place to go is up. But that good fortune will mean nothing without action on your part. Follow the light of Mars and channel those lucky vibes to go after what you desire and you will surely end up with the good-good.

The full moon of the 5th has got money on your mind, Leo. But doesn’t it always?

Stay tuned for some sexy new chemistry on the 10th. If you’ve had eyes for someone(s), mark this day as a day to make your move.

A confrontation make pop up around the middle of the month with Mars, Pluto and Uranus at sharp angles in opposition to each other. Again the key to overcoming any communicative obstacles is asserting your voice. That may seem counter-intuitive, but that is how to best respond to this challenge from the cosmos. The stars are giving you all you need to succeed in whatever you may want, but those planetary alignments are coming with a little pop quiz. This month your biggest challenge will be confronting your own assertion skills. I know lions are thought to rule the jungle, but you can sometimes have a tendency to and sometimes doubt yourself let the things you want most slip away.

Saturn will go into retrograde from March 14th through the beginning of August, which may turn your feels for a special someone or former lover upside and all around. The stars are urging you to think about possible changes when any planet goes into retrograde. So put on your thinking cap.


August 23rd – September 22nd


This month’s full moon on March 5th will be in your sign, Virgo. V exciting, I know. This moon will highlight your dreams and wishes, bringing stability to your visions for the near future. This moon will pour energy into your creative fifth house and the fruits of your labor (re: a recent creative project) will be rewarded! While you love to feel productive, you may need to finally work towards separating work from play. Be imaginative and focus the emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself.

If you’ve been dreaming of romance, around the 17th that dream may be actualized with Venus in fellow earth sign Taurus until April 11th. Mid-month you will have many more opportunities to mingle if single. Look forward to impending travel that may spark some short-term chemistry with someone, as well.

The stars are telling you to focus on your emotional side, but be weary of over-indulging the emotional. This sign can overthink things and that is not beneficial for you this month, especially with Mar, Pluto, and Uranus coming to head mid-month. Creeping feelings of jealousy or distrust could unnecessarily push a small conflict over the edge. Yet another reason to try to avoid rash emotions is Saturn’s retrograde. Acting rashing after the 14th will mean losing precious energy (that could be spent deliberating and reflecting) by wrapping yourself up in avoidable conflicts.

The (super) new moon (and total solar eclipse!) of the 20th will illuminate your house of intimacy and one-on-one relationships. This powerful moon will bring you closer to a friend or partner who you’ve missed recently.

The end of the month will round out this time of reflection and bring a focus to emotional and spiritual processing. Namaste.


September 23rd – October 22nd


For the past few weeks, you’ve been working through your communication skills, Libra. Some talks (some with yourself and some with others) may have been difficult ones to have. In reflecting, however, you have probably experienced a great deal of positive growth. In the beginning of the month, prioritize self-care. Compromise is key in your professional life, let others take on some of the load when it possible.

You’ve had your fair share of ups and downs in several relationships last month. And this interpersonal disputes have takes a great toll on conflict-averse Libras. But this month’s full moon and its shadows will bring a much need stability and renewed motivation. And the previous month’s relationship disputes have eased your path this month. Pluto and Uranus are at their last stand-off mid-month; however, because you Libra have already made headway dealing with so many significant dynamics in many of your relationships, the cosmical storm will pass you over. And you will have an easier time than most other signs navigating the spontaneity and miscommunications that may arise around the 11th of the month. The eclipse on the 20th has the Sun heating up your partnership sector, so look forward to a successful collaborative project.


October 23rd – November 22nd


So so, Scorpio… March spells success and advancement in your professional life. What more can I say? The only day that could bring a small obstacle is the 15th. Chill.


November 23rd to December 22nd


Snuggle up, Sagittarius. The Sun will be in your house of domesticity for the better part of this month. You’ll be less inclined to venture which is unusual for Sagittarii but a welcomed change. You may find your affairs wrapped up in the chaos of the Pluto-Uranus-Mars conflict mid-month. But this dispute could bring a creative or romantic breakthrough.

Saturn, which will be moving in retrograde starting on March 17th, will be in your sign for the next three years. Yes count ‘em. Three years. And this will spell out a major period of self reinvention. And this month’s urge to stay home and reconnect with family is the perfect thing to start off this journey of discovery.


December 23rd – January 20th


The beginning of this month is full of intellectual juices for Capricorn. Get a gang together for some radical, mind-stimulating discussions.

The volatile Pluto-Uranus square has Pluto in Capricorn (your house of identity and Uranus in Aries (your house of domesticity and roots). This may bring tension to your living situation. Some aspect of something you consider to be a home-base is influx. But the truth is the only constant is change. Realizing this will help free you from a dependent factor that has been bogging you down.



Illustrations by Emma Lloyd

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