AstroPHE Astrology for April ’15

 Do you smell the spring? Yeah, me neither. W/e it’s April!

Already over it? Same.

So in honor of wanting it to be spring when it’s really not and  **~radical self-care~**  ima keep this month’s forecasts real short. Because we all know that only like 4 days this month will actually matter. The rest are gonna go by as a blur like always.


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Aquarius (January 21st – February 18th)
Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)
Aries (March 21st – April 19th)
Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)
Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)
Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)
Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)
Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)
Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)
Libra (October 23rd – November 22nd)
Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 22nd)
Capricorn (December 23rd – January 20th)


January 21st – February 18th


The 4th may have meant news from a sibling or the need to sign or rethink an agreement. Eclipses can accelerate our timetables and this one may have done that for you.

Mars will be in Taurus, persuading you to work on situations at home all month.

The new moon on April 18 may bring yet another agreement or contract for pondering.

Expect fun and plenty of laughter on April 22 from Venus and Jupiter all month.

April 26-27 will be your best days of month with Venus and Uranus, the planet of surprise, flirting.


February 19th – March 20th


You were doing some serious brainstorming last week. But the best ideas are yet to come!  With Mar perfectly angled against Neptune and the Sun and Neptune in harmony, the 12th and 26th have that little light bulb above your head shining bright.

The upcoming new moon will be the best of 2015 for you, Pisces. It will give you the energy to burn through projects and help you develop new skills.


March 21st – April 19th


Big things are popping for you this month, Aries! Love, romance, and creativity are in the stars for the first week of the month when Jupiter syncs up with the Sun. But the full moon lunar eclipse on April 4 might be a hiccup in your week. Lunar eclipses bring feels, sometimes heavy, and may initially bring shock waves to one close relationship. So expect some s^h^i^t to go down, but soon enough Jupiter will go direct and bring peace to that temporary nonsense. After the 8th, your fifth house of love and romance will take precendence in your life. Live that up. Get it on.

Some simple arithmetic for the 12th:

Mars + Neptune = $$$

The new moon signify beginning and closures. This is especially true if the new moon is in your sign. It will be in Aries on April 18  and will likely begin an entirely new chapter of your life, doubly so if your birthday falls on or near this date. O M F G. Damn. Take that for what you will.


April 20th – May 20th


This past full moon lunar eclipse probs brought about sudden changes on the job in regard to a project or your dynamic with a collaborator.

Everyone’s fav planet, Venus, steps into the light on the 11th bringing you a newly found gift of gab through the first week of May.

Look forward to making strides (or at least turtle steps) re: health and well-being once the new moon of April 18 hits. Mars and Mercury are chillin with Pluto April 21-22, casting light and energy on your ninth house activities. Expect a breakthrough re: some time-sensitive project.

With Venus and Jupiter aligned, the weekend of April 25-26 might just shit some gifts on you. Yay. <3 Gifts.


May 21st – June 20th


The first week of the month may have brought you a healthy helping communication and authority. Yay. And also troubles with regard to romance. Nay. But you should be over it by now.

With Venus all up in Gemini, anytime after the 11th is perfect for a new look if you were considering a little spraaaaang make-over. Do it up.

The new moon in Aries on April 18 will put some spice in your strut, heating up your social life in in the last two weeks of the month. This spellz: n e w f r i e n d s

Take advantage of the fruits of Venus, which will be in your sign starting on the 22nd: Travel.

Got things to do? Who cares. Travel.

Travel. Travel. Travel.


June 21st – July 22nd


Cancer, this lunar eclipse that shat on everyone really affected your domestic matters. That’s bummer.

Pluto will retrograde from April 16 to September 24 and during that time you may change your mind about the way you would like to proceed with a partner or to plan the future with a romantic spouse. Taking a short pause for a few months may be just right to get things back on track.

The new moon in Aries on April 18 will bring great opportunity to make a bigger name for yourself in your career and in the two weeks that follow.

Got a big event ahead? Hopefully it’s scheduled for after the 22nd, when Venus and Jupiter give you the extra confidence boost to take center stage. If not……………………….¯_(ツ)_/¯


July 23rd – August 22nd


Your best day of the month already passed. It was the 2nd. Jupiter was in your sign, spelling luck and good fortune for you. If you don’t feel like it found you, you should reflect on that day and project luck onto everything. Because it was a lucky day. Just think in worst case scenarios and you’ll realize how good of a day it truly was.

That lunar eclipse. That full moon tho. It brought the TRUTH. Yeah.

The new moon on April 18 will bring in lots of exciting opportunities, and surround you with opportunities to link up with some very important peeps.

You will hit a creative streak on Wednesday, April 29, when the Sun and Neptune will be in sync.


August 23rd – September 22nd


Jupiter has been retrograding since early December, so everyone’s luck was off this long long winter. However, it will turn direct on April 8. Virgo, you can expect extra extra energy from Jupiter re: goodness, posi vibes, and overall happiness. You may reach previously unattainable goals. And when you find yourself in need of help and support, it will find you.

Mars in Taurus, your counter pole which is great for you. You’ll be a natural leader in all things from April 11th onward.

You might just be treated to a free dinner on the 29th. Maybe even lunch too.

Overall, you shouldn’t be over April like the rest of us.


September 23rd – October 22nd


Some S*H*I*T probably went down over the full moon lunar eclipse last week which was in your sign. I ended up sobbing, you probs did too. We were all feeling some sort of way. But it’s chill now. That S*H*I*T was hopefully clarified. Libras bounce back fast: that’s what’s up. If not #whoops you should’ve taken advantage of that moony energy…

Jupiter will turn direct April 8 and allow your social life to sizzle from that point on. Catch that: I said sizzzzzzle. Mmmhm. Jupiter has been retrograde since early December 2014. But with the house of good fortune and posi vibes going direct, you’ll be on cloud nine making strides in friendships that may have been on the back burner for the past few months. Venus ~~our planet~~ will also be in Libra for the duration of this month. A good time to update your look. It’ll be keeping you charismatic and charming as can be from April 11 to May 7. Use to your discretion.  Venus will be feeling itself and flirting with the bringer of surprises, Uranus, so look forward to BIG news.


October 23rd – November 22nd


Time was not on your side over the full moon of the 4th. But luckily that was just one day. Especially with the new moon of the 18th bringing you mad assignments and projects, you’ll need time management more than ever.

Jupiter will go direct on April 8 = compliments. We all love compliments.

Tuesday the 21st will probably be your best day of the month. So keep hope alive! That one day is apprroaching. The rest don’t matter that much.


November 23rd to December 22nd


Your fav day is also the 2nd. Same advice as Leo.

The new moon whirls into your love sector on April 18.




December 23rd – January 20th


Mars will be in Taurus all month. Earth luvs earth luv the earth. You’ll be in a romantic headspace for the duration of the month. Take some time to daydream.

The new moon of the 18th will give you the restorative energy to make big changes with regard to your home, family life, or living situation. Add ten days to plant some seeds. Water them. Watch em grow.

An assignment that you are passionate about will bring you bountiful rewards on or around April 22.


Illustrations by Emma Lloyd
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