Our New Mission Statement (Spring Staff 2015)

The image features our Spring 2015 staff with their arms around each other, laughing.
Image courtesy of Joy Yamaguchi.

Editor’s note: Twice a year, bluestockings revises its mission statement to align with the goals and beliefs of each group of staff members. Traditionally, we have published our mission statement to coincide with the release of our print publication, which we celebrated this past Saturday.

We identify as a multimedia feminist collective, platform, and publication. Our feminism(s) is/are rooted in anti-oppression, with an understanding that feminism links together the political, the structural, and the personal.

As a platform that recognizes feminist work both along and beyond gender lines, bluestockings centers underrepresented communities across intersections of identity including color, religion, nationality, immigration status, (dis)ability, gender identity, class, substance dependency, and/or experience of violence and trauma, particularly within larger frameworks of vulnerability.

The content and form of bluestockings reflects our belief that feminism should be a creative, fluid, and historically mobile process.

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