Pinned-Up, Pushed Down: A Painting by Mia Rollins

This is a painting of a thin red-haired woman with 50's styling in a long dress with red and blue stripes. She is turned away from the viewer and is giving the upper-right hand corner of the painting the finger. Towards this corner, red and blue stripes (the same shades featured in the dress) extend diagonally, as if radiating from a point.


I grew up in a world where one’s value was based on their physical appearance and performance.

My work explores the eternal and ephemeral qualities of beauty…

And emphasizes the anxiety that comes with having one’s societal status based solely on temporary traits.

My work reflects the performativity required for women to hold power in today’s society…

As well as the loss of originality that results when we trade our individuality for superficial ideals.

I love the interplay between the human figure and aesthetic design…

And my pieces place an emphasis on the balance of both.

My work references 1950s pin-ups and advertisements because they are symbols of both physical ideals as well as long-passed eras…

They remind us the ways in which society has changed and

Remained the same.



Mia Rollins was born in Nashville, TN in 1995. She was a serious competitive figure skater for 12 years. Rollin’s work focuses on issues of beauty and female identity. Rollins work has been included in various exhibitions including “Exposition” at Universidade Pontificia in Comillas, Spain, its Art Center, and she has work within the collection of Brown University at J. Walter Wilson. In 2017, Rollins is expected to receive degrees in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University. She currently lives and works in Providence, RI.

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