Muse Me


The last time I went to bathroom was I think days ago
The hole in me tightens when I think of them
I pull out hair and throw it onto the rug
hope it weaves itself
All of this is a fronting a set
a structure erected by movies and me
an extra not looking into the camera from worlds afar
but if I did it probably would not even be cut

I ignite incense bought from India by a German and wonder
Where the dates went the pomegranates
Where is the prophet is she watching
running after me like a small child probably
waving shouting fervently
Remember the time the blue balloon was all you cried over
Remember when your mom was flirted at by the sausage man
Remember when you controlled the weather through your glare
Defeated she stops says remember where you came from
I rise my hair branches sticking out
But I am from nowhere
I say

I felt dirty under my sheets
under my sheets of slumber my veil of dreams
I had snorted so much speed off the toilet rim
that my brain had surely begun to mold
where the drugs entered mold probably
because the nose was a gateway to the brain,
yes, surely

Baba calls telling me that is how it is that is how it was
For your grandmother and your mother
Telling me carry the pain with you forever
As if that is the norm
Pain is like the falling in love and all of that like
I have lost nature or did I ever own it
All I see is steal around me
All I see

IMG_1732 - Version 3


There is this moon I howl at every time it I see her rising
I howl at him, because I can
My shadow in the sand is what I run from
I run fast so that the light cannot follow

I want to leap across continents to find my tribe
In the desert with the desert peoples
Who drink black tea and throw dice into corners
I want to say everything by saying nothing

When the birds eat cigarettes butts
Because they can and because the crumbs nearby
I feel a pressure on my chest as though
An ancestral giant finds me the bank

An asynchronous chorus of zishing cars outside coddles
I feel less lonesome when I am the point of passage
For people rushing and zooming
I will sacrifice myself to be the millimetre mark
For you and theirs

Down at the train station was no one for an hour
For two all day for ten days because of strike
I sat there anyway to wait in the sun
I want leather skin I want to wrinkle I want to be old

To die with honor finally to have it be done
To have reached this and that to have made
All proud to have paid for them to be cared for
To have seen my name be bold
To have donated sums
To have people shake my hands not because they can

To have been good



There are just dogs and cats around me not more
She says, “Sometimes I see bird flying in sky”
Arachnids, squid dunked in flour chewed
Ant crawling on metal rail suddenly on finger

Not even a wolf seen not even a tiger
Think of the fluff of animal corpses on the road
Now think of lamb’s pieces in Ghorme Sabzi
He says lamb tastes like the grass of landscapes

Carve a piece of the sky canopy out and let us enjoy
It together sitting back to drink an elderberry ale
Stretching to reach the tip of the universe, I crack
My back and realize the bones hurt more than yesterdays

Wander off to the alley after the one we missed
Come back because there is leftovers of a piece of heart
That you will delight in only if you sit down
At our table for supper the one we made for love

Maybe it was a mistake to come here
Maybe they are right when they say resist
Maybe we should catch a yawn
Put it into a jar
With other maybe

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