Weekend Links, Vol. 80: breaking the silence

Welcome to another week of feminist web surfing! In Weekend Links we gather a set of the most engaging journalism, prose, poetry, art, activism, and Interweb images or memes we have come across. This week’s links highlight our feminist struggles to create new worlds here and now. We hope with this small curation of links to illuminate the work of the prolific and active feminist blogosphere.

Links We Like

For the son living among U.S. citizens who believe they are white and who need to recognize their heritage of destroying Black bodies

*content notice: sexual violence* Being told sexism doesn’t exist, and knowing it does

Black women being excluded from fat acceptance movements reveals another tendril of white feminism that relies on whiteness to sustain its message

Have you been led to believe reformist approaches like Campaign Zero and other police-improvement schemes will liberate us? Read up on the value of and potential for building towards a police-free future

6 transgender people share what their styles would be in a world without judgement

Ahmed Mohamed’s celebrity reveals the U.S.’s obsession with heroic characters who allow us a moral veil to obscure the other daily violences we witness comfortably. On a related note, a recent body count report exposes the at least 1.3 million lives extinguished by the U.S.-led “War on Terror”

How to read and understand feminist criticism of one-dimensional women characters in film

Understanding Deray McKesson’s “transformational leadership” as corporate marketing

In yet another illustrated rendition of anti-Black violence, the creators of Batman comic series (finally) figured out that gentrification and state violence intersect and wrote that reality into their characters. Read how this new Batman comes to grips with the reality of systemic anti-Blackness

Ever wondered what it would look like if runway collections took aim at anti-Black state violence?

Tyler Ford writes on navigating boundaries as a biracial agender person

B(l)ack on campus: a pledge to love

An interview with artist Alexandria Gregory who celebrates Blackness with her paintrbush

To white and non-Black feminists who tattoo the symbol of resistance to anti-Black misogyny on themselves

Projects We Like

The “Melanina” photo series displays the glowing beauty of Black skin. Give the project a look!
melanina 2

Studio 8, a youth arts collective supporting at-risk youth in Amman, Jordan, is being evicted from their space in 2 weeks by a landlord who despises the arts. They are crowdsourcing funds to move to a new permanent home! #YallaStudio8!
studio8 2

Check out “Just Me and Allah: A Queer Muslim Photo Project”!
queer 2

AdAstra Comix is launching its first full-length publishing project — “Drawing the Line: Indian Women Fight Back!”. Support their Kickstarter and pre-order a copy for yourself!
drawing the line better

Artist Nadia Fink is creating anti-princess books to offer children powerful representations of female characters. Peep some of the artwork!

Videos We Like

In this panel called “The Trans Tipping Point is Crushing Us: Trans Politics in the Era of Visibility” features Black and POC gender non-conforming femmes speaking truth to power:

Kai Davis and Miriam Harris take down the hypocrisy and misogyny of people calling for us to “Stay Woke”:

This corporate ad mocks Burning Man’s corporate influence in a (pretty successful) attempt to commodify self-awareness:

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