Alternative Medicine/Response and Other Poems

An image depicting a rose behind an exacto-knife, with a pill bottle labeled "love" in the upper right corner. This picture is tiled four times, and is drawn in sepia and red. It has a dark feel.
Illustration by Julia Horwitz


Alternative Medicine / Response

I want to be the one to                                    It’s always some mawkish attempt

be surgeon to your pain                                  to fix my seemingly broken screen.

scalpel the tumors grown                               This creep really sees himself as a doctor.

by others and crystalize                                  Couldn’t believe he’s the one hurting me.

your difficult-ageless demeanor                   Yeah, I’m difficult alright.

I want to gather you                                        Gather me some what?

from that field where you grow                     Is this a flower or wheat allusion?

twine you until you feel whole.                     But, how does he know how I feel?

I want unimaginable power                           At the end of the day, it’s always about power

for you, so that you unify                                Some guy trying to tell me I’m broken

every splintered part of your                          or in need of fixing, or change.

soul, your infinite window                              Always in abstract, senseless terms.

to Gold.                                                               Men who I don’t love, tell me I am incapable of Love.

Love is their Alternative Medicine.

Because for creeps like these,

traditional methods of dating –

just don’t seem to work.


Catastrophic Inkling

Nearly every time I dream
my father is a catastrophe
warning against my female cousins
their adult coddling of their mothers.
The man is an economic bully
he points out the burden of bills
he takes away beautiful pets, an imagined dog
from their owners;

grimaces when asked what was done with the animal.
All is secrets and tragic endings with him;

I dare not lend the scope of my brain
to his twisted character.

I’ve learned not to dream, but to live.

I shook this character from my life.

IMG_1737 - Version 2

Golden Exit Sign

Dress up; wear the heels

here, you may be a woman

in this place, you may be a girl

I see abuse.


Stop eating when he tell you to eat.

I will help you,

destroy this ghost

who tries to ruin the beautiful you


I see a jealous, ugly woman.

I see a miserable, tormented animal.

I see a powerful, cigar-smoking man.


I see the exit sign for you

it hovers, a nimbus, a cloud

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