Self Care Through Collage

After a serious injury, I had to reevaluate the ways in which I healed not only physically but mentally as well. Collaging became a key to my self-care. Creating and putting something out in the world helped me cope with what I had temporarily lost. I share these collages with you not as perfect, gallery-ready art pieces, but to show one way I handled my healing process.

I could not use computers at the time of my injury, and generally used mainstream magazines I had, found, or was given in doctors’ offices. When my collages depict bodies, therefore, they are bodies deemed acceptable by mainstream publication. I do not think I fully realized at the time that frequently flipping through all of those photos lowered my self-confidence and made me feel like an “other.”  Still, cutting up those images and creating something new–something I could control–felt empowering when I had felt powerless. I hope to use the wonders of the Internet, independent publishing, and Photoshop (all of these collages are hand-made) to continue exploring, learning, and healing through collage and include more diverse representations in my art.









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  1. Life is often about change and finding a way to interact with our environment that give us meaning and purpose!

    I am glad you found something that kept your composure and a way to express yourself ?

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