Letter from Management

Dear bluestockings family,

Since the publication of the final piece before bluestockings’ summer hiatus, on June 13, 2016, til our publication of Khari Jackson’s critical graphic narrative project We Build They Burn (Part 1) on September 20th, 2016, 85 Black Americans have been murdered by the police. This number rises constantly.

That is to say, the violence of white supremacy has no publication schedule; it has never taken a summer hiatus.

With that in mind, bluestockings is returning this fall with a renewed commitment to our anti-oppressive and liberatory mission. We have restructured our management team and staff to streamline the publishing process and devote more resources to producing intentional and impactful work. This year in particular we are focusing on creating an inclusive community from which that work can grow.

Recognizing our privilege as a publication historically situated at Brown University, we feel it is critical to displace authority from privileged, white supremacist institutions such as the academy, publishing, and the written word. We will also continue to hold ourselves accountable as a staff of mostly non-Black POC and predominantly light-skinned folks by providing transparency in management decisions and keeping ourselves open to feedback.

bluestockings is foremost dedicated to prioritizing marginalized voices, especially those of color. We aim to create a platform for work that is radical in both form and content, and to reflect our values in our solicitation and recruitment practices. We aim to publish weekly content that makes those we feature feel understood, resilient, and free.

As we push towards the liberated world we dream of, we also honor the fighters that have come before us: those who have championed the notion of radical choice for women, those who have practiced the magic of queer Black art, those who have demanded more from the institutions of which they are a part, those who taught us that love is a politic of prison abolition, and all those who have stood at the helm of this very publication with immense grace, strength, and vision.

We are indebted to these folks and many more. We will keep moving bluestockings forward in their honor, and in honor of YOU, beautiful readers– thank you for supporting us on this journey in ways both visible and invisible. We love you!

Love and solidarity,

Sofia Robledo Rower

Stefania Gomez

Annie Furuyama

Devanshi Nishar

Kristine Mar

Malana Krongelb

Alina Taveras Shelley

Emma Lloyd

Thoralf Island

Anzia Anderson

Nina Goetzen

bluestockings management, Fall 2016

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