Weekend Links, Vol #86

Welcome to another edition of weekend links! Each week, bluestockings staff curates a collection of links that reflect our mission as an anti-oppressive and intersectional publication.
Compiled by Kidest Assefa-McNeil

Links we like:

Stay away from racist Halloween costumes

Fun Lisa Frank inspired Halloween costumes *note: these items are pretty pricey, but can easily be swapped out for more affordable options*

A discussion of “The Queer Poor Aesthetic

Beautiful photos highlighting queer pride movement Baketoo in Brazil, which aims to encourage “black empowerment, inclusivity, and sexual freedom”

The Stunning Literariness of Solange

The Value of Honesty: Noname interviewed

Comic artist retells “Avatar: the Last Airbender” with Nigerian Characters

Read Khari Jackson’s introductory comic to their series “off brand”, which “examines issues of oppression while centering prison abolitionist frameworks”

Music we like:

British songstress NAO is breathtaking as always

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