Weekend Links, Vol. #89

Welcome to another edition of weekend links! Each week, bluestockings staff curates a collection of links that reflect our mission as an anti-oppressive and intersectional publication.
Compiled by Kidest Assefa-McNeil

Links we like:

In light of recent violence against Native communities at Standing Rock, the Medic and Healer Council are in need of more supplies:

Donate to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council here

Purchase supplies to be sent to Standing Rock here

This is what Thanksgiving–or #ThanksTaking–means to thousands of Native Americans at Standing Rock

A mixtape of Native artists from Bitch Media

Black and brown artists remind us that witchcraft isn’t white

Don’t miss Hidden Figures, a movie about the Black women mathematicians who played a huge role in charting the first American orbit around the Earth

Kanye West deserves our compassion, but so do Black women like Azealia Banks

Check out some pieces from the “Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture, 1943-2016” exhibit, which centers work by Latinx youth

Examining the “colorblind sisterhood fantasy”

Remembering legendary journalist, Gwen Ifill, through photographs and text

This photographer is representing her non-binary friends as they’d like to be seen

A piece on the power of Black sisterhood and the invisibility of Black women (tw: violence against Black women)

Read this profile on poet, Rupi Kaur

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