Letter from the editors

Dear readers,

2017 has already been a practice in healing and resisting in the face of institutional and interpersonal violence. To our contributors, staff members, and readers who are Black, Native/Indigenous, Latinx, SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African), Muslim, immigrant, undocumented, (dis)abled, queer, gender nonconforming, non-binary, trans, (formerly) incarcerated, sex workers, and/or survivors: We value, love, and affirm you.

The U.S. presidential administration centers us in our mission to assert our anti-racist, anti-oppressive ideologies, and work to publish marginalized and threatened folks’ work. With all of this in mind, we put our politics into action. Here are concrete steps bluestockings will take in the coming months:

1. As a group of Brown University students, we take seriously our role to critique the University and reduce the harm it inflicts on communities on and off campus. Brown University co-opts activism and scholarship by people of color, positioning the institution itself at the forefront of progressive social change. We commit to sharing the stories of these individuals and communities, and we will also tell the stories of people who have been negatively affected by the University.

2. We will use our access as students to share information about and live-tweet lectures and other events at Brown and RISD.

3. We will increase our use of social media to publicize events that align with our mission happening in the Providence area.

4. We will change our name from bluestockings, a name with roots in white, elitist, and imperialist feminist movements, to an as yet unknown name. “Bluestockings” is a term and insult most closely associated with the French Blue Stocking Society in the early 18th century. Also considering the history of anti-Blackness in the American suffragette movement, we would like to move away from this legacy and change our name to focus on our anti-racist and anti-oppressive mission.

5. We will actively advertise and solicit submissions from outside of College Hill and the East Side of Providence.

6. We commit to evolving continually to meet the needs of our readers. This publication does not exist without our readers and contributors. We are a space for you and by you, and a space made to express radical hope.

This list was workshopped by our wonderful Fall 2016 staff. If you would like to join our team, we are hiring editors, writers, and a social media coordinator for Spring 2017, and are prioritizing applicants of color. You can find the application here.

Please send us your thoughts, dreams, critiques; anything that you want to put into the world.

With love,
Sofia Robledo-Rower and Annie Furuyama, Editors-in-Chief


February 15, 2017 Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article stated that bluestockings was a term used toward 19th century American suffragettes. This has been changed to reflect that “bluestocking” was used by 18th century French “intellectual women.”

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