Weekend Links, Vol. #94

Welcome to another edition of weekend links! Each week, bluestockings staff curates a collection of links that reflect our mission as an anti-oppressive and intersectional publication.

Links We Like

Check out this instagram account that celebrates the beauty of Afro-Lantinx people in San Juan

There’s Nothing Funny About the ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl by Lasha. Support her work here.

“Yes, as 13-year-old Black girls are ridiculed and condemned for speaking the AAVE (African American Vernacular English) that is a hallmark of their culture, for embracing the dialect that shows and maintains familiarity among their peers, a White girl poorly imitating Black speak has become a celebrity.”

A trans woman’s thoughts on Chimamanda Adichie – a twitter thread by trans activist Raquel Willis. Support Raquel’s work here.

YOUR CALLS FOR UNITY ARE DIVISIVE AS F*CKDidi Delgado of Black Lives Matter-Cambridge discusses the dangers of white liberalism

“To the average white person, the end of slavery was the end of “real” racism, and Black folks today are enjoying a much healthier substitute — I Can’t Believe It’s Not Slavery!™ Which explains why white progressives tend to interpret scathing critiques of modern liberalism as unnecessary and divisive. Liberals, after all, are the “good guys.” Except they’re not.”

Everybody Wants To Be A Bruja But They Ain’t Really Bout That Life by K. Araújo discusses the recent popularity of claiming brujeria.

“So listen. I’m ecstatic Beyonce has everybody wanting to get in touch with their “inner bruja” and shit. That’s spectacular! No. REALLY, it is!

“And I’ma let y’all finish” but REAL TALK- there’s a certain amount of accountability and responsibility that comes with being a “witch” and I can assure you that it isn’t always pretty. Typically, witches were the first to be killed when Europeans invaded Africa.”

Kiyan Williams Bridges Queer Dance Culture and Ivy League Academia

Check out Born N’ Bread, an art collective of Black women from London who create zines and host a radio show which explore Black British identity

Video stills from Erasing the Border (Borrando la Frontera), 2012
Video stills from Erasing the Border (Borrando la Frontera), 2012

Ana Teresa Fernandez Paints it Away by Yxta Maya Murray

Fernández stared up at her bedroom ceiling and decided to banish these horrors: She would paint the border fence sky-bright blue, so that it would seem to melt into the empyrean.  

“You know how sometimes you wake up with courage?” Fernández recently mused in a phone interview. “I thought, I’m a painter. Why don’t I just paint it out?”

And recently, there was a mass ICE deportation of Senegalese immigrants

Ana Tijoux on how feminism and anti-capitalism must go hand in hand.

The Sculpture of a “Fearless Girl” on Wall Street Is Fake Corporate Feminism by Jillian Steinhauer

Videos We Like:

New Orleans band, Tank and the Bangas, wins NPR’s 2017 Tiny Desk Contest.

And more from frontwoman Tatiana Tank:

content notice: violence against Black people

Joey Bada$$ releases “Land of the Free” on March 6.

Grimes features Janelle Monáe on her song, Venus Fly

Look back at Bonzai’s “I did” music video

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