Sofia Robledo Rower

Sofia Robledo Rower is an Ethnic Studies and Africana concentrator.




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Annie Furuyama

Annie is a ​junior and American Studies concentrator from Los Angeles.







Kristine Mar

Kristine is a third-year student at Brown University, currently concentrating on herself.





Devanshi Nishar

Devanshi loves the hills of norcal, Rupi Kaur’s poetry, and naps in the sun.





Mimi Frotten

Mimi is a first-year straight out of Japan, who is super in languages, literature, and little dogs. She has type O blood, so if you ever need a blood transfusion you know who to call. When she’s not busy dismantling white supremacy, you can probably catch her eating pancakes at the Ratty.

IMG_0929Blake Planty

blake was a cat but became a human b/c he wanted to Eat More Snacks. he’s the literary editor and studies comparative literature/literary arts. his rising, sun, and moon signs are all pisces.



Kidest Assefa-McNeil



Osun Taylor

Osun is interested in exploring the many intersections between blackness, queerness, gender, and sometimes religion. She can usually be found stanning for black women, writing, watching copious amounts of TV, and cooking.

Jessica Jiang

Flo Li


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