“There will be no mass-based feminist movement as long as feminist ideas are understood only by a well-educated few.”

— bell hooks, Feminist Theory From Margin to Center

Ever want to read more about feminism and identity politics but don’t know where to start? Want to read up on terms and theories that have slipped past you? There are so many topics, ideas and fields of thought out there in the world of feminism. At bluestockings, we believe that self-education can be a positive form of empowerment. We encourage reading about our own identities and experiences as well as those that we are less familiar with.

Go ahead – Snoop around on the links below. And in this library, silence is optional. Feel free to comment with reviews and recommendations of your own!

Basics & Blogs

  • A Feminist Art Movement Online– A list of some participants in the feminist online art movements.
  • Bitch Magazine – Pop culture & feminism. They provide a good analysis of how media influences culture and alternatively, how feminists can (and do) change the media.
  • Everyday Feminism – A website focused on how to apply feminism to everyday life.
  • Feminism is for Everyone: Passionate Politics (PDF) – bell hooks on exercising compassionate, progressive feminsim.
  • Feministing – A kick-ass feminist blog that is very active, though has recently had its share of problems. A staple for weekly feminist updates.
  • Finally Feminism 101– This is a comprehensive blog about feminism and its applications.
  • Free PDFs of Books on Race, Class and Gender
  • FuckYeahFeminists! – A place to celebrate anything anti-oppression, anti-kyriarchy, anti-hate and pro-equality.
  • “How To Be A Good Ally”  – A resource for friends and family who want to be better allies to feminists in their lives.
  • Jezebel – A feminist blog about celebrities, sex and fashion [note: Jezebel sometimes spews girl-on-girl hate aka a product of internalized misogyny, yuck]
  • Penny Red  – Laurie Penny is a British socialist blogger who discusses classism, women, economic stability & maneuverability.
  • Rachel Rabbit White– a blogger/journalist/essayist.
  • Slutever– the life and times of tongue-in-cheek blogger Karley Sciortino.
  • TransGriot – an African-American trans woman blogs about race, gender, and injustice.
  • The Feminist eZine – An archive of feminist articles, editorials, research and writing. [Active since 2000!]
  • The Feminist Wire – a feminist news source.
  • Allied Media Conference  – “A collaborative laboratory of media-based organizing strategies for transforming our world.” AMC is awesome! Feel free to browse through their presenters and the website for resources about body size, feminism, trans* issues, race, class and more.

People of Color & Racial Critiques

The Prison Industrial Complex (The PIC)

  • Everyday Abolition – Blog; International political art collaboration collecting stories, art, and interviews highlighting the ways PIC abolitionists practice, and live PIC abolition in our work, organizing, and personal lives.
  • US Prison Culture – Blog that documents how PIC operates and underscores US society & culture.

Queer, Lesbian, Bi, Pan & Asexual Feminisms

  • 15 Steps to Becoming A Gay Male Feminist” – A lighthearted, yet unsurprisingly true, codification of a path towards gay male feminism. [Note: this is not to say it is the path for all, nor does it prescribe experience]
  • Asexuality Unabashed– A lifestyle blog with an asexual perspective
  • Audre Lorde Project: Facebook, Tumblr, Website – ALP is a community organizing center run for & by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people of color. For most up to date news on ALP, follow the Facebook page. Website & Tumblr are updated with statements.
  • Bklyn Boihood –  Blog & more by bois of color. Blog lifts up other works by queer and trans*  folks of color.
  • “Compulsory Heterosexuality & Lesbian Existence” – by feminist poet and essayist Adrienne rich. An article that explores a “compulsory” (or presumptuous, normative, enforced, regulated) heterosexuality and its erasure of positive and sustainable lesbian existence.
  • “Woman Identified Woman” – by Radicalesbianes. A seminal essay on queer feminism.

Trans & Gender Nonconformity

“if feminism is a radical notion that women are people, then trans-feminism is a radical notion that women exist in more than one container” – @cisnormativity

White Privilege

  • “A Definitive Guide to White Privilege” – An article from ThoughtCatalog.com
  • Code of Ethics for Antiracist White Allies- written by JLove Calderón
  • “Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Level There Is”- A blogpost written by a straight white male adressing other straight white males.
  • White Privilege Checklist – A thought-provoking activity to raise consciousness about white privilege.
  • “Why I Don’t Want To Talk About Race” – A great editorial response to being asked to explain race to white people as a person of color [ie. educate yourselves, it is unjust to expect the oppressed to educate their oppressors].

Body Image / Lookism

  • Bedsider – Birth Control Support Network– a super up-to-date website on everything birth control
  • Body Positivity“- An article from the Ellipses Project that defines and radicalizes the idea of body positivity.
  • Five Axioms About Gender & Bodies“- Rethinking the body and biological sex in non-ciscentric ways in relation to trans identities.
  • “Five Acceptance Myths Debunked” – Debunking myths such as “acceptance demands complete confidence and self-love at all times.”
  • NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) – Founded in 1969, NAAFA in a non-profit org that aims to grow acceptance and equality of people of all sizes.
  • “On Language: Lookism”
  • Project L – A group that aims to provide the public information [and zines] about look-ism and its intersections with other forms of oppression [in both german and english].


Mental Health

Sexual Pleasure & Health

Sex Work, Prostitution & Human Trafficking

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