Bluestockings is officially sponsored by Generation Progress‘s journalism network.

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Bluestockings was made possible in part by a grant from the Brown University Creative Art Council (CAC). The CAC supports the goals of individual creative arts department and program, while facilitating a common vision for the arts that transcends discipline and creates unity. To learn more, visit


Bluestockings would also like to thank Queer Alliance for its generous sponsorship. QA is an umbrella group for 15+ subgroups ranging in focus from advocacy, community, and outreach. To learn more about QA and how to get involved, email or visit

We would like to especially thank this group of people that have donated their time and talents to Bluestockings:

The Sara Doyle Women’s Center
Granoff Center

Maria Acabado
Thomas Baker
Julieta Cardenas
Gail Cohee
Elias Cohen
Chase Culler
Felice Feit
Lily Goodspeed
Ian Gonsher
Beverly Haviland
David Hefer
William Keach
Aida Manduley
Sara Matthiesen
Kyra Mungia
Matthew Peterson
Marley Pierce
Rachel Ratchford
Anna Reed
Robert Self
Jim Smith
Michael Stewart
Jonathan Weinberg

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